The Band

Lead Vocals / Harmonica / Support

How can anyone forget a front man with a name like “Buzz!” What makes Buzz a stand out singer is his powerful vocals and his high energy. He has an exhilarating stage presence! Nothing can keep this man from giving a rousing, red-hot performance each and every time he sets his foot on stage. He always thrills the audience and brings them to their feet! Buzz has been singing since his early youth. He was given the gift of singing by his mother who was an extremely talented vocalist as well. Buzz has been influenced by such Classic bands as Boston, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Kansas and many more. He is very excited to be with this Classic Rock band PAID IN FULL. He says; “These guys have the same energy and attitude I do, that’s what makes it so great!” He loves the excitement of playing the best music with the highest amount of energy and performance around! Sit Back, Buckle up and enjoy the ride!”

Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards & Backing Vocals

Music is the most important thing there is to John. He has loved it since birth and grew up listening to every record he could get his hands on. He played several instruments before finally saving up to buy his first electric guitar in high school when Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, and Eddie Van Halen amongst many others, convinced him guitar was his calling. While he has a wide and eclectic taste in music, he always enjoys coming back to Classic Rock, his first love. John was born and raised in Utah, studied music at the University of Utah and has played with several local original & cover bands including Myramyd, Achilles Last Stand (a tribute to Led Zeppelin), Tokenspel (a tribute to Tool), Timeless and several others. In addition to playing the music he loves, John currently works as a graphic/website designer, songwriter, composer, photographer, and filmmaker. 

Keyboards & Backing Vocals

I started playing Violin at age 6 and added piano at age 8. I only had a few years of lessons but I kept playing what I had learned and decided to learn songs off the radio. I started playing small clubs in New York with a Doors tribute band called Crystal Ship. When I went to college in Utah I decided to major in Piano with an emphasis in Jazz. Not long after I played in local bands working my way up in to better and more successful groups. I started touring the U.S playing clubs and warming up artists like Berlin, Sugarloaf, The Ventures, to name a few. I have played in many top bands in Utah; Tom Swift, Electric Toy, Erie Heights, The Crush, Remedy, Perfect Disorder, Twenty-Four VII, Timeless and Mountain Pacific to name a few. I like the challenge of playing many types of music and have played in Reggae bands, Country bands, Funk Bands, Top 40 bands and of course Classic Rock Bands. I love performing and finding the perfect band with a good balance of vocals, professionalism, and musical ability. I have found that in Paid in Full and look forward to adding my talents to this great band!

Bass & Backing Vocals

Bored and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, music was in my DNA. Growing up in a musical family, I had played piano, guitar, trumpet and drums, but nothing really stuck. At 14, I heard a guy playing an electric bass in a music store. The deep, thick tones shook me right to my bones. I had to learn to control those thunderous notes myself. For the past 38 years, I have kept the low end groove and sung lead and harmony vocals with several cover bands including “White-Hot”, “Satyre”, “The Verdict”, “Hard Rockin’ Johnson’s”, “The Ozzmenz” (Ozzy tribute), Timeless and Dirt Road Devils. I have also explored my creative side through original recording projects with Jet Set, Megattack, Salt Insurgence and Dirt Road Devils.

Having seen and heard Paid In Full many times, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to play with this group very accomplished and professional musicians. I’m having a great time playing some of the good old rock & roll that I grew up on. This is some of the first music I learned to play and its influence has been with me since the beginning—long live Rock and Roll!


Mike was fortunate to grow up the son of a drummer, so he had access to a kit before he was big enough to reach the kick pedal. Largely “self-taught” until he finally could reach the kick pedal, he spent his first years on the kit pounding away with headphones on to records his drummer Dad and Motown-raised Mom had in the house — Tower of Power, the Temptations, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, etc. At 10 years old he was lucky enough to start formal training on the set with Ken Gomez, one of the top drummers in the Southern California scene and, at the time, the back-up drummer for The Tonight Show. Drumline training followed shortly after under Drum Corp legend Tom Float, during which he marched in the Rose Parade, participated in Drums Across California, and competed in the prestigious Bands of America marching band tournament. After high school, Mike manned the drum chair for the BYU Young Ambassadors and toured Asia and the United States during his two years with the group. The stint in the Young Ambassadors put Mike in touch with guitarist Dan Wood, with whom he joined Utah-based band Auburn. With Auburn, he played venues and college campuses throughout Utah and the Pacific Northwest and worked with Producer Sam Cardon. During his time with Auburn and in the years since, he also gigged and recorded with Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Ashton Zyer. Currently, Mike freelances in the studio and on the stage for numerous bands and songwriters and feels fortunate to co-pilot the rhythm sections of Paid in Full and Timeless with bassist Richard Bettinson.